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Nutrition Reset is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


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Testimony from Dan in Mulberry, FL (age 72)

I started the program because of my concern for my current lab work, my weight and my energy level. My progress was right out of the gate. Communication was great including discussions, follow-up notes, topics and great feedback. Learning the importance of seasonal eating helped me add more veggies to my menu. I have learned many new skills and have the handouts to refresh down the road. Learning to listen to your body is a needed skill. Katherine supplied my wife and I many recipes and handouts to help re-enforce the new habits. I took a liken to adding smoothies to my weekly diet, helping my intake of veggies. The results were dropping 10-12 pounds, improved lab work, reducing some medications and eliminating another medication that had bad side effects. I also improved my energy levels.

How did Nutrition Reset add value to your Life? 

Now I am very aware of how to eat healthy meals that still taste good. I would definitely recommend Nutrition Reset, this is a program that is fit for you and you only. It is flexible and if followed it shows results. It has added value by improving my overall health, feeling better and eating better.

October 2023


Testimony from Pat in Lakeland, FL (age 72)

I learned about Nutrition Reset during a presentation at a local women's group and reached out to Katherine for more information.  My goal was to establish a new pattern that I could keep for life, with the goal of weight loss. When I am thinner, I feel better, look better, am happier and more self-confident. I have learned how to be more mindful about food and am more educated on foods that are better alternatives. Reviewing my lab work and supplements has helped me improve and understand what to look for, for best results. I really like the in-person meetings, this met my needs. Communication was great and easy to set appointments as well as receiving great material on relevant topics and topics of interest to me. Katherine has a great demeanor, professional, takes great care of the time together, carefully listened and provided great follow-up notes.

How did Nutrition Reset add value to your Life?

By helping me modify what I am doing so I don't lose the joy of eating while learning some great new things.

I would recommend this personalized program to my friends and family. 

October 2023


Testimony from Liz in Mulberry, FL (age 52)

What I love is that she was able to pinpoint my needs and natural remedies to help with my disease. It is a huge blessing to me. In this new world of MS I have felt very confused and overwhelmed. It is comforting to have someone researching and looking into things for me and then provide resources for me to read. I would have never known how to tackle this new aspect of my life without her help in nutrition education. She gives me encouragement to keep moving forward and experiment with different foods that I have never used before. Another bonus for me, she included my husband that does the grocery shopping and some cooking in the sessions, he was able to learn along with me. I have enjoyed trying new recipes, what I use to think was a challenge now seems fun and adventurous. I feel less bloated, I feel like I am retaining less fluid and my inflammation levels have decreased. My outlook on food is very different than it used to be. My health has improved, my mental health has improved, my feelings are much better and I can easily tell when I am tired or grumpy or need a nap or need a healthy snack. I cannot thank you enough for your attention and thoroughness to details and the less obvious.

How did Nutrition Reset add value to your Life? 

This program has added tons of value to my life educating me and learning a new lifestyle, not just a diet. Because of your time with me and the handouts and the conversations, I was able to completely change my eating habits and not be terrified of doing it. Learning and balancing all of that was not an easy feat, but you helped me navigate it and learning so very much. I would so recommend Nutrition Reset to friends and family. You made taking the first step easy and enjoyable. Thanks!

June 2022

Testimony from Brenda in Bartow, FL (age 51)

I connected with Katherine to help me work through some issues like GI distress, and better nutrition for my age and exercising. She is easy to make appointments with, follows up promptly, gives great materials to match topics we are discussing and is a great listener careful to take notes to provide better information. It is working for me, definitely recognizing the foods that cause my body distress as well as the importance of variety. Even from the first appointment, she is very positive, was looking for ways to add variety to my diet, I am making better choices in foods and supplements. The material is very good and full of knowledge, enjoy reading it (saving for reference). Love the handouts that go with each subject and learning about seasonal eating, great samples and tons of recipes to try out. Love everything about your services.

How did Nutrition Reset add value to your Life? 

So much knowledge and great samples, helps me to make better choices. You have exceeded my expectations!

May 2022

Testimony from Olivia in Championsgate, FL (age 38)

The reason I sought services from Nutrition Reset was my desire for a healthier lifestyle, better nutrition and better understanding. I started working out and I needed to know what foods were right for me. I wanted to be more self-aware and learn how to listen to my body, connecting how I felt to what I was consuming. I've learned so much, even the first visit. I make healthier choices, have learned new recipes,

learned about some new veggies & fruit. I am extremely satisfied with this program. 

How did Nutrition Reset add value to your Life?

Helped extremely on my wellness journey, choosing supplements to complement healthy diet and healthy snacks. Katherine is courteous, professional and listens well to me. It was easy making appointments, getting session notes, getting resources, takes time to explain current challenges. I would definitely recommend Nutrition Reset to friends and family.

April 2022


Testimony from Kristen in Lakeland, FL (age 41)

I reached out to Katherine because I simply needed a 'Nutrition Reset'. I am unable to currently do a lot of exercise because of a foot issue. I needed to focus on healthy foods that are delicious and easy to prepare. My first appointment was very encouraging and I'm becoming more educated about my food choices. Katherine is even working with me to prepare healthy meals for my family.

I am more conscious of my food choices I am now making. I am very pleased! 

How did Nutrition Reset add value to your Life? 

I love having recipes for yummy foods that I can try on my own. Katherine is prompt and supportive with session feedback and providing additional information related to a particular topic. I would recommend Nutrition Reset to my friends and family for sure.

March 2022


Testimony from Francine in Lakeland, FL (age 70)

I sought Katherine out first of 2021 after a miserable year of illnesses. After going doctor to doctor to find a solution and relief, to only receive another antibiotic. I never really made it to the feeling great phase of recovery. After antibiotics ran course I would return once again to feeling bad, stomach pains, no appetite, and weakness. Something was still not right. So I found Katherine (Nutrition Reset) online and gave her a call. Some of my challenges were: diverticulitis, fatigue, stomach always qweezy, high blood pressure, and a negative relationship with food. My first session was January 20, 2021, we met and got to work right away. We did a schedule to block out time for appointments for the entire 6 months that we are working together. She also gave me a program outline of what my sessions would involve and look like. At first, I was overwhelmed but she walked me thru the steps, how we would work and tackle the challenges & how she would be available for support. It was easy schedule of sessions, get advice or help when needed, and she was available between sessions. Getting referrals for other health modalities was great and she explained everything at each stage so that I was comfortable and understood. Katherine is courteous, helpful, and a caring educator. She is professional, willing to listen, takes time to answer questions promptly, and I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. Since my first session, it took 17 days to graduate from miserable to a great healthy feeling. I went from not exercising and eating a small variety of foods to exercising several days of the week and eating a large variety of seasonal foods. She has helped me learn the importance of variety, combinations as well as seasonal eating with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods. Katherine provided lots of custom recipes from soup to hummus to smoothies and more, this helped me move forward without getting bogged down or bored.

As we progressed, I felt better and better, she continued to be available and encourage me as I was building a new foundation and a lifestyle diet for me. I sometimes got frustrated because I was making big changes but she was patient with me and appreciated my honesty and growth. I got compliments that I looked better because I was better, my inside was happy and healthy again. As I am building my immune system up, my digestive tract is also healing. The tools I have been given and learned will help me stay on track as well as be available if I have a flare up to get back to health. I will continue to progress in my wellness journey. 

Spring 2021

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